Streamlined Supply Chain Solutions

At MBC, our team of esteemed experts specializes in the art of designing and executing bespoke supply chain solutions. Through a deep understanding of the intricacies faced by businesses in the logistics and supply chain sector, we collaborate with our valued clients to tailor strategies that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and bolster productivity to meet their individual needs.

Achieved procurement transformation through diagnostic reviews that led to $1.5M annualized savings, maintained productivity during COVID-19, and optimized key programs for steel, freight forwarding, PVC pipes, and more.
Implemented a successful procurement transformation project that achieved $1.5M annual savings by prioritizing cost and efficiency in key freight segments, including locomotives, repairs, manufacturing, steel, spare parts, and oil & lubricants.
In this project, the delivery model and engagement process for strategic vendors were optimized, resulting in quicker upgrade turnaround, significant rebates, and access to premium appliances for key suppliers and builders engaged with retirement village upgrades.
MBC was able to transform and develop the client's procurement function through the implementation of a strategic transformation and change management program, resulting in an initial cash benefit of $1 million and ongoing annualized cost reduction savings of $0.5 million in a high-volume and dynamic commercial environment.
By applying expert knowledge of duty and tax exemptions in free trade agreements and decision frameworks, we helped two clients achieve upfront duty recovery and ongoing cost reduction, and access a Chinese VAT exemption, resulting in significant savings.
Implemented a successful and complex tender process that helped a company organize and manage their 60 suppliers, resulting in an average 10% rate reduction and $2.6 million in savings per year.

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