Streamlined Supply Chain Solutions

At MBC, our team of esteemed experts specializes in the art of designing and executing bespoke supply chain solutions. Through a deep understanding of the intricacies faced by businesses in the logistics and supply chain sector, we collaborate with our valued clients to tailor strategies that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and bolster productivity to meet their individual needs.

The company managed a successful transformation of the client's global supply chain systems and consolidated their major Australian and New Zealand wholesalers, resulting in full control of their supply chain and a cost savings of $1.5 million. The project included a full logistics assessment, direct sourcing strategy, and new supply chain solution from EXW Europe/Asia to DDP Australia, resulting in indirect benefits from the newly optimized supply chain management solution.
MBC designed and implemented a successful supply chain system transformation for the client, resulting in long-term, low-cost management and full control of their key product supply chain, leading to $1 million annual savings and mitigation of expensive disruptions in other divisions. The project included identifying sustainable alternatives, negotiating new agreements, and refining logistics management systems.
MBC successfully designed and implemented a major product and process upgrade by modifying the product design, resulting in a 20% reduction in plastic waste, and automating the assembly process, which resulted in better cycle times, decreased workforce costs, and a €1 million savings on an engine part (oil strainer).
In the fiscal year of 2022, MBC's team effectively oversaw the Australian BU, leading to impressive results. A dedicated team of 30 achieved significant savings through operational improvements, while optimizing space utilization and implementing an efficient SnOP plan to enhance logistics efficiency. Direct negotiations with manufacturers and airlines, along with redesigned contract logistics arrangements, showcased their expertise. Additionally, the team successfully implemented a "Gold Standard" supply chain model, delivering over 200M RATs to the Australian government within a crisis period and establishing a reference model for global replication.
The company designed a next-day payment system roadmap for support workers and a business transformation roadmap for different clients, focused on stakeholder engagement and assessing/upgrading systems and processes for efficiency, compliance, and governance. They also connected medical professionals to clients via a marketplace platform.
The team delivered an entry-to-market strategy and acted as interim Head of Procurement for 3 months, handling product categories review, range gap analysis, competitive benchmark, consumer trends analytics, order optimization plans, and planned and established distribution channels.

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